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Element Arch

is an architectural collaborative based in Limpopo, Polokwane operating in the fields of architecture, interiors and urban design. The company is a new and vibrant practice consisting of the provision of professional services in connection with town planning as well as the design, construction, enlargement, conservation, restoration, or alteration of a building or group of buildings.

We offer fresh and innovative architectural | interior design solutions, focusing on the new, and gone with the old!

Element Arch begins with an innovative way in which style, vision and flair can be sculpted. The mission is to build a sound relationship with the client. Align the clients core values, ideals and desires within a project.

We thoroughly evaluate every property, discuss you (the client’s) preferred design ideas; and then provide you with detailed representations and graphics. This will help you to visualize your dream home/project before the commencement.

Our Architecture | Interior & Design do not cost – they earn! We strive to capture ‘spirit’ within a space & help you conceive beautiful surroundings that increase value over time and perceive every job both as an opportunity & obligation to our clients.