What we provide for you

Architectural Services

Architectural services include two interrelated but distinct endeavors: the planning and design of buildings and spaces, and the administration of construction contracts on behalf of clients

Interior Design

We design and create interiors that reflect your personality, We offer a professional service with a personal touch. We provide value to your project and ensure that the result is nothing short of spectacular.

Urban Design

The art of creating and shaping cities and towns with clear intentions and expectations involves the arrangement in addition design of buildings, public spaces, transport systems, services and amenities.

Space Planning & Proportion

Like all design considerations, space planning is a 3-dimensional issue. How you move through a space is a physical and ergonomic experience. This is both practical and aesthetic. The floor plan takes us on a journey above a space.

element arch project management

Project Management

This allows us to manage and develop projects from conceptualization up until client’s occupation of the premises. Project management is the process by which our team plans and executes your project.

Visual Communications

Research and applicable solutions enables us with presentable options for the determination with accurately documentation of product, so that it can be communicated to clients, colleagues and contractors.

Additions & Alterations

We are committed to developing creative and inspired renovations to accommodate the requirements of clients and general principles of the Act.